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Adrenaline Automotive in the News

CRM….... Contact Really Matters!

Selling a vehicle for some is the end of the process. Ring the cash register and high fives all around. For others it’s the beginning of a process some refer to as “customers for life"....

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Lessons to be learned from Toyota

Don’t take the myopic view that an acceptable bottom line results in your business operating effectively....

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Your Automotive Olympics

During the upcoming Olympics take note of competing athlete’s enthusiasm to succeed together with the sacrifices made by winning athletes.....

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Protect Your Store!

I am frequently astounded although not surprised to see a comparable disease to the H1N1 virus that weakens the systems within dealerships called “dealeritis”...

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Do You Have a Plan?

What are the challenges in today’s automotive market? What will it take to ensure that these tough economic times won’t diminish you and your team’s hard work in building a company? The answer is simple; does your business have a plan?...

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Pumping Life Back Into Automotive Retailing

My daughter requested my assistance while considering a new vehicle; allowing me the circumstance to examination our industry from the eyes of the consumer....

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